EarthCube/ESIP Software Assessment Workshop

Draft software assessment guidelines for the EarthCube/ESIP Workshop, June 1-3, 2016 (Boulder, CO).

Any working documents are considered preliminary and subject to change.



Use Cases - brief descriptions of the stakeholders and use cases.

Category definitions - from the ISO Quality standard.

Reference Materials

Links to the Zotero bibliography for this project.

ESIP Software Assessment (the entire collection)

High Priority (refs tagged High Priority for the workshop)

Medium Priority (refs tagged Medium Priority for the workshop)

Other Metrics

ESIP Testbed TRL Spreadsheet - information about the ESIP TRL spreadsheet related to this particular discussion.

NASA RRL criteria - NASA's Reuse Readiness Levels (note: compare the structure of the RRL criteria to the TRL criteria in terms of progressions).