A set of resources and working products related to technology evaluation efforts through ESIP and BESSIG communities.

Any working documents are considered preliminary and subject to change.

A goal is to create a suite of criteria and guidelines to evaluate research software products that is modular, current and actionable.


References - papers, criteria, discussions related to previous technology evaluation work.

ESIP Testbed TRL Spreadsheet - information about the ESIP TRL spreadsheet related to this particular discussion. Source references can be found under "References", fyi.

NASA RRL criteria - NASA's Reuse Readiness Levels (note: compare the structure of the RRL criteria to the TRL criteria in terms of progressions).

Use Cases - brief descriptions of the stakeholders and use cases.

Outstanding Questions - open questions related to software evaluation in a research code environment.

Gotchas - some thinking on premature optimization and framing.

Using this site

(Specifically, contributing to this site via Github.)

The site was created with Jekyll 3 and hosted as a Github Pages site. You'll want to set up Jekyll with the Github Pages dependencies to "test" locally and ping me about being a contributor. See the Jekyll and Github documentation for details. Contributions are welcome as forks, as issues, as annotation via hypothes.is or as comments provided through email or Slack or carrier pigeons.

Beyond the Github options, the TRL subcategory pages (see ESIP Testbed TRL Spreadsheet) and RRL topic pages (see NASA RRL criteria) include the hypothes.is annotation tools if you prefer adding comments that way.